Fixing Site / Data updates

We know that the site often loaded the wrong banner, our developer just fixed the API for that.

We are currently remigrating the database’s pages over time, (this may be fixed by the time you read this), to fix the bugs within the character and weapons pages.



Unnamed Note

Update on Future Changes

We’ve had a bit of time since 3.0’s release so stay tuned for changes to the following characters’ notes (it might take a while to write these in because the writer is kinda lazy to test builds):

Keqing, Beidou, Lisa, Kuki Shinobu, Beidou, Fischl, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Thoma, Yae Miko

(all of the above characters benefit from Dendro and its subreactions in a somewhat significant form)

also we’ll gradually integrate Sumeru weapons as we update the character notes.


Potential Unit Strength Increases w/ Sumeru's release

With the release of Dendro and its reactions and subreactions, a few of the following units may receive new entries or become stronger in their niche.

Do note that everything below is SPECULATION and the writer’s opinion (and he gets stuff wrong a lot).

This entry was written more as entertainment rather than advice.

Also, I haven’t looked into much of Bloom past its main mechanics so this will mostly be Electro-centric.

For Reference:

Dendro + Electro > Quicken status

Electro + Quicken Status > Aggravate

Dendro + Quicken Status > Spread

Dendro + Hydro > Bloom (+1 Seed, Seed doesn’t care about. ICD because your first hit on a new entity will apply the element/trigger a reaction)

Seed + Electro > Hyperbloom

Electro + Hydro > Electrocharged (both elements stay on the enemy)

Fischl: Literally Top Meta: Fischl is in top meta through taser teams’ high damage output and flexibility, and Dendro reactions will give her another top niche in Aggravate compositions. Fischl’s electro application, off-field damage, battery potential, and A4 will further push electro teams in 3.0. It wouldn’t be farfetched to argue that her importance will rival that of Xingqiu, Bennett, or Sucrose. All of the Electro units below have higher comp damage potential and viability due to Fischl.

Yae Miko: Onfield: Due to Yae’s benefiting from EM on her A4, along with decent Electro Application (factoring in Totems and NA/CA), she could see a new onfield playstyle with Fischl and Dendro units to repeatedly proc Quicken > Aggravate.

Keqing: Dendro Taser: Similarly to Yae, Keqing can apply a lot of electro, but faster. A standard rotation of E>Q>E>3N1C will apply electro 9 times, giving her the ability to first benefit from high Electro Charged uptime and Quicken Uptime, with hyperblooms on the side. (Electro + Hydro > Dendro > Electro theoretically causes a Hyperbloom and Quickened). Along with Fischl A4, her teams have high potential for decent damage ceilings.

Kuki Shinobu: Maybe Good?: Kuki’s main role—healing—isn’t enough to make her very strong. Her presence as an Electro Healer with application potential will be her saving grace in 3.0, as without an electro healer, many theoretical compositions will be glass cannons (e.g 2 Electro 2 Dendro, and there are no Dendro Healers).

Lisa: Maybe Good?: Lisa currently has high electro application, DEF shred, and semi-quadratic scaling, with her caveats of a slightly clunky E mechanic and severe energy issues. Paired with another electro unit (ahem, Fischl), she could see more play in Aggravate compositions as a support or even an onfielder for Dendro Taser compositions.

Beidou: Maybe Better?: Beidou is currently in a bit of an awkward spot; she’s stronger than many 1.0 DPS units but not strong enough to top many other options past 2-Target scenarios (outside of Sucrose/Fischl Taser, in which she is replaceable to a degree). She’s already tied to Fischl to resolve her energy problems, and Aggravate/Quicken could potentially make her better for Dendro Taser, Pure Dendro/Electro, etc.

Ganyu: Melt Ganyu 2: Electric Boogaloo: Ganyu can currently melt off of Kazuha + Bennett or Bennett + Xiangling and have Zhongli in the last slot, but what if we could make Pyro Aura persist using Burning? Currently, Burning is supposed to grant 2U of Pyro (basically, a lot of pyro) every tick, which means we can theoretically use Ganyu’s burst while Melting and still have room for Zhongli. This doesn’t make Melt Ganyu that much stronger, but frees up Kazuha or Xiangling for your other team. (And yes, Xiangling has value outside of being paired with Bennett in Sukokomon and Funerational).



Release 2.0.6

Added Yoimiya Pyro DPS entry


Release 2.0.5

Added Overload Yanfei entry


Update [2] on Banner Issue

We have found that the constellations information updates on our website caused code to crash, resulting in all of the mismatched/outdated information on our website. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Our developer will fix this promptly.


Release 2.0.4

Started doing overhauls on some unit notes because Taser comps are meta.

Changed builds: Sucrose, Kazuha, Fischl

Added builds: Venti

p.s Our team is still trying to fix the banner issue, however the site will remain active on other fronts.


Update on Banner issue

The team is currently fixing a syncing issue that seems to be interfering with the Banner schedule and other aspects of the site.


Release 2.0.2

Added Xiao build


Release 2.0.1


  • Latest banner for version 2.6

  • Kamisato Ayato



Release 2.0

Breaking Change:

  • Completely redesigned and revamped the website
  • Notes v2 - Character build notes with more readability


  • More notes for characters


  • Various bugs that affect user experience



Release 1.1.10

Notes Overhaul Part 5:

Updated Xiangling, Tartaglia, and Rosaria character notes (builds).

Removed Physical Xiangling from builds (its not worth it).



Notes Overhaul Part 4:

Updated Xingqiu, Yanfei, and Zhongli character notes (builds).

Added new build for Yanfei.


Notes Update

Touched up on a few english/spelling mistakes on a few character notes.



Fixed Syncing errors for Editor Portal (builds section).


Release 1.1.06

Notes Overhaul Part 3:

Added notes for Klee, Kujou Sara, Lisa



Adjusted Current Banner display on Desktop when there are multiple character banners

Updated styling on character notes section



Added Yun Jin and Shenhe



Notes Overhaul Part 2:

Updated Diona, Eula, Fischl, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Kaeya Artifact and Weapon Notes

Added Notes for Diluc, Kazuha, and Ayaka


Release 1.01.1

New Artifact and Weapon builds UI in development!

Notes Overhaul Part 1:

Updated Albedo, Barbara, Beidou, Bennett, Chongyun Artifact and Weapon Notes

Added Notes for Amber and Itto


Release 1.01.0

Updated Keqing notes



  • POG! is now a part of the Genshin Impact Content Creator Program!
  • Added one more build notes to Xiangling written by KU#9304.


  • Corrected the Genshin Impact Official links in the footer.
  • Adjusted several styles on the mobile end so they look more friendly to mobile users.


  • Adjusted several styling for the weapon page.
  • Fixed a bug that might have caused the website to crash on some pages.


  • Improved character build notes for Beidou.


  • Improved the changelog page, now it won't just show all the changelogs available. Instead, the website will append a "Load More" button at the bottom to optionally display 5 more changelogs.


  • Added one more character build note to Kaeya (Normal Attack Main DPS).
  • Fixed an issue on the weapon page where the browser console spams error.


  • Improved SEO by having character-specific keywords.
  • Added character build notes for Eula written by KU#9304.


  • Fixed an issue where the weapon attributes have wrong percentage indications (For example, Physical DMG Bonus shows "11.2" instead of "11.2%").

Release 1.0.6

  • Updated banner to latest one (Klee banner).
  • Added Mitternachts Waltz to the weapon collection.


  • Fixed an issue where the weapon page still shows "Lore" even the weapon itself does not have lore. (The section just displays an empty black box)


  • Improved search engine, removed unnecessary searchable fields that would only make results less coherent.
  • Added build notes for Kaeya written by KU#9304.


  • Added character build notes for Rosaria written by KU#9304.
  • Updated some styles in the character page and weapon page.


  • Added character build notes for Zhongli written by KU#9304.
  • Fixed a bug where some weapon images disappear.


  • Now weapons are also searchable in the search box.
  • Adjusted weapons' appearances in the banners on the home page, they now display thumbnails like those in the character banner.


  • Added Cookie Consent for users to optionally disable Google Analytics tracking (Default is granted)
  • Fixed SEO canonical URLs.


  • Improved "Refinement" section in the weapon page, you no longer have to view all refinements at once, instead, you can just click to see which refinement effect do you want based on the level.


  • Fixed several stylings on the site pages.
  • Fixed a bug on the maps page.
  • Adjusted SEO by adding appropriate keywords and descriptions.

Release 1.0.5

  • Added basic weapon information to the site.


  • Fixed an issue where several constellations and talents images are not appearing as expected.


  • Updated the banners on the home page to the latest banners (Automatic)
  • Adjusted several styles on the site


  • Added notes for Yanfei and Beidou
  • Fixed some bugs


  • Added notes for Chongyun
  • Fixed character card image size


  • Added star rarities on the weapon banner


  • Updated styling, color, and font
  • Added privacy page
  • Updated footer

Release 1.0.4

  • Added current banners on the home page
  • Updated footer with more contentful information
  • Updated some colors and styles for the site in general

Release 1.0.3

  • Added responsive design for mobile users.
  • Added Yanfei to the character collection.
  • Updated a portion of the layout for the character page.
  • Fixed various small bugs and improved general site performance.



Release 1.0.2

  • Changed the website's general color theme, it looks more like a "dark mode" now.
  • Added build notes on few more characters written by KU#9304 and 𝕃𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕪#8075
  • Optimized website performance by reducing unused assets.

Release 1.0.1

  • Added a portion of build notes/suggestions written by KU#9304 and 𝕃𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕪#8075 to some characters. We expect to cover most (80-90%) characters by the end of April.
  • Added quick navigations in the character page, now you no longer have to scroll everything.
  • Fixed various bugs, improved site performance.

Release 1.0.0

  • Completed the general layout and information for character pages. As by now (4/23/21), the character page includes:
    • The character's general information (Rarity, Element, Weapon Type, Title)
    • The character's talents and constellations
    • The character's suggested builds written by experienced Genshin Impact players / writers in the team
  • The server now displays its current build id in the footer, attributed by the git hash.
  • Added hover animation for the character card you are focusing on.
  • Improved caching logic for both backend and frontend pages. The serving speed should be much faster now.
  • Added searching function. You can search the characters you want with their associated keywords, or search a group of characters based on their common attributes. (e.g. If you want to search for all bow users you can type "Bow" to search, if you want to search for Tartaglia you can type "Childe") [Currently, searching characters by their constellation / talent is not supported, we plan to create a separate page for each character's talent / constellation attribute (or maybe not, which we would just merge the indices). Before our decision, you can currently only search characters by their:
    • Name
    • Title (Nickname)
    • Weapon Type
    • Element
    • Talent Material
    • Description
    • Constellation (This is not the character's constellations, it's the "Constellation" attribute you see in the constellation page)